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International group travel exclusively
for young professionals.

Join CITYBIRD to travel in groups to explore the world.

CITYBIRD Travel is a company exclusively for young professionals. Coordinating schedules can be difficult, but it shouldn’t keep you away from taking that once in a lifetime trip! That’s why at CITYBIRD Travel, we plan these trips in order to bring like-minded young adults together so they can form meaningful relationships!

CITYBIRD Travel is a exclusively for people who want to experience the things that make the locals love their city. You will engage the city through an authentic cultural experience—with its food, music, nightlife, landmarks, and historic and contemporary local charms. That’s why we plan trips for like-minded young professionals – to create memories and relationships.




Let travelers experience the local treasures without hassle. They will experience the city the same way the local residents do.


For each confirmed trip, $100 is allocated to provide free international travel to high school students who are at an economic disadvantage or in underprivileged communities in hopes of broadening their horizons.
We curate trips in every city all over the world in order for travelers to get the best, authentic, and unique local experiences without feeling like a tourist.


The passionate travel company that guides travelers all over the world so they can receive an authentic experience, explore unique cities, and enjoy the city that they live in.

Our Curated Group Trips

From Berlin With Love

Visit Germany’s capital to discover icons like the Brandenburg Gate and remnants of the Berlin Wall. Fall in love with Berlin’s glamour and be mesmerized by its grit,

Wake up in Paris

Paris is the destination for experiences you’ll never forget, Whether for romance, history, indulgence, or artistic inspiration. You will become a local in Paris during your stay.

How it works


look at our group travel itineraries to see which one excites you the most.


Make sure you are the right fit when booking the trip.


This trip has been designed for every local experience which will be shared with like-minded travelers

Enjoy your trip!

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