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Best Packing Hacks for Your 7 Days Trip

Are you ready for your 7-day trip to London? And no, it won’t take a simple shoving of clothes in your luggage and riding off towards the sunset. To make it a lot simpler and easier for you, are here packing hacks you can follow to take away the stress of the task.


The first thing to do when packing clothes is to plan your daily outfits for the 7 days. What will you wear from the 1st day up to the 7th day? No extra unused clothes will be brought and all daily outfits will be counted for. Along with the planning, here are simple tips to use:


When it comes to bringing shoes in travel, follow the rules of three, which include:

Make sure to keep your shoes packed inside enclosed bags.

Toiletries & Hygiene Products

Bringing your own toiletries and beauty products is just logical but you should know what to bring and what to leave behind. Some of the things to leave behind are:

When dealing with liquid products (shampoo, conditioners, and lotions), repack them in travel size bottles. This is if you’re not going to use bar shampoo and conditioner. Pack all liquid products together in sealable bags with the dry products separated from them. Finally, if you’re going to travel with your shower cap, pack them inside the sole of your shoes.


You can’t go on a trip without your devices to document your newest adventure. Taking care of your devices and their respective accessories while on a trip is a must and here are ways to make it easier:

Jewelry & Blings

Jewelry and blings are not simply put in a purse and just hope they are okay while you are traveling.

There are several techniques to use in order to avoid having them all tangled up and disorganized.


To be honest, avoid bringing breakables to your trips. If you can’t avoid it through, put them in socks to protect them from breaking.

Packing has gone a long way now and if you know Marie Kondo, you can follow her style of minimalism in packing. 

Tidy up everything and choose the ones you need. Weigh your luggage before even going to the airport to avoid going over the allowed limit. And finally, put all your important things in the carryon and within your reach. 


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