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Fernanda Lopes

Endrow Metelus

Chief Executive Officer


Originally from Haiti, I migrated to New York City at the age of 12 before heading to the suburbs of Philadelphia to earn a Bachelors at Temple University Fox School of Business. Less than a year after graduation, I had already started a successful waterless mobile car wash—but I’d eventually sell the company to more fully explore a long-held passion of mine: travel. I noticed something whenever I spoke with fellow travelers on my journeys throughout Europe and South America: We all wanted an authentic experience of whichever city we visited, quietly wishing we had an insightful local to show us around. And we wanted to know that whether we traveled with an organized group or all on our own, we’d get a well-rounded, immersive glimpse into life in a foreign land. I started City Bird to give travelers the experience they wanted—the experience they deserved. On a trip with City Bird, you’ll have your fingers on the pulse of each city’s culture, a coveted “in” with the people, places, and goings-on that only a true local would know. We bring your travel dreams to life.

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