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Small Group Travel Company For Young Professionals.

Mission Statement

You will never know a place as intimately as your own home turf, but with CITYBIRD you will experience first-hand the things that make the locals love their city. We connect you with the essential element that makes travel exciting: people. You will engage with the city of your choice through an authentic cultural experience—with its food, music, nightlife, landmarks, and historic and contemporary local charms. With CITYBIRD, you won’t have to cobble together plans from several guidebooks or rely on limited insight from other tourists on Yelp. Instead, you will travel with a group as enthusiastic as you are, led by informed, hip locals and fun and experienced guide.



How is CITYBIRD different

We noticed a commonality when speaking with fellow tourists while traveling. We all wanted an authentic experience of whichever city we visited, quietly wishing we had an insightful local to show us around. We wanted to know whether we traveled with an organized group or on our own, we would get a well-rounded, immersive glimpse into everyday life in a foreign land. CITYBIRD gives travelers the experience they want—the experience they deserved. When traveling with CITYBIRD, you will have your fingers on the pulse of each city’s culture, a coveted “in” with the people, places, and goings-on that only a true local would know. We bring your travel dreams to life. We explore one city at a time and do it as we live there, with the hippest people who do. We curate your cultural immersion with knowledge from local residents (and seasoned travelers), create a custom travel plan and provide a carefully organized group of fellow travelers for you.


Meet The Team

Endrow Metelus


Endrow is our chief explorer; having been to well over 25 countries he noticed there was a need to incorporate local activities and experiences so travelers could experience countries like a local. His international experience and love for authentic travel led him to create CITYBIRD, allowing individuals the opportunity to immerse themselves in hands-on cultural experiences around the world.

Emily Ladaue

Experience Advisor

Emily fosters our connections with local guides around the globe to put together amazing unique experiences for travel professionals. Her primary focus is to create unique experiences so our travelers get authentic local experiences and make meaningful connections on their journey.

Lucky Raj

Travel Risk Officer

Lucky analyzes overall travel risk for the company, his goal is to identify, measure and mitigate any risk that would negatively affect the overall tour experience. You can usually catch him gathering daily up to date intel (security, political etc.) on both the countries and cities where we perform our tours in.

Fernanda Lopes

Communicator Advisor

Fernanda is an expert in strategic communication, brand development, and content marketing. She develops amazing content to share with our potential travelers.

Tom Parisi

Relationship Manager

Tom manages all inbound and outbound phone calls, email requests, and face to face interactions, serving as the voice and face of CITYBIRD. He reinforces our reputation for exceptional customer service. He helps us by generating leads, fostering and building relationships with potential travelers who want life-changing experiences.

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